Household and Domestic Search

Home Tableware

Homes brim with treasures ranging from memories and heirlooms to loved ones. In our Estate Staffing Division, we understand the sensitive nature involved in hiring an individual to work in one’s home. Over the years, we have developed a proven track record with staffing the following household positions: House Managers, Private Chefs, Butlers, Private Chauffeurs, Governesses, Baby Nurses, CPR-Certified Nannies, Executive Housekeepers, Housemen and Cooks.

Corporate and Executive Search

Attention to detail is our signature. Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation staffing the following corporate positions: Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Executive Receptionists, Office Managers as well as Marketing and Public Relations personnel.

FVR Consulting fulfills your Household and Corporate Needs

FVR Consulting specializes in fulfilling your household and corporate staffing needs through our experienced executive staff. We endeavor to accomplish this by tailoring our staffing decisions at your behest to your specific needs, objectives and aspirations, an approach akin to that of a bespoke tailor painstakingly striving for that “perfect fit.”

Our objective is straightforward; namely, to apprehend your staffing requirements through meaningful dialogue, while exercising our discerning eye for high-caliber and trustworthy personnel. We understand that most prospective employers have neither the requisite resources in time or expertise to filter through myriad candidates to identify the ideal fit for their home or company.

FVR Consulting strives to bridge the gap between the prospective employer and that ideal candidate through our diligence and knowledge of the industry developed over years of experience. Our boutique agency prides itself in its focus on a narrow area of the industry, which, combined with our commitment to personable service and attention to detail, ensures client satisfaction at every stage of the recruitment and placement process.

At FVR Consulting, we make Your Affairs our Business.

The FVR Consulting Experience

The skills, acumen, intelligence and drive of our recruiters are at the heart of FVR Consulting’ distinctive search methodology. We understand that, while most of us are too busy to screen myriad candidates, hiring personnel is among the most important decisions that one makes. With FVR Consulting at your disposal, you are a mere phone call away from our team of experienced search consultants who will do their outmost to fulfill your hiring needs in a timely fashion - and on budget. Through our attention to detail and rigorous standards, we pride ourselves on our years of dedicated service to the most prestigious firms and estates.

Our List of Services

/ Corporate Search

  1. Estate Managers
  2. Executive Personal Assistants
  3. Executive Assistants
  4. Personal Assistants
  5. Junior Personal Assistants
  6. Administrative Assistants
  7. Office Managers
  8. Executive Receptionists
  9. Marketing and Public Relations Personnel

/ Domestic Search

  1. House Managers
  2. Private Chefs
  3. Butlers
  4. CPR-Certified Nannies
  5. Governesses
  6. Baby Nurses
  7. Private Chauffeurs
  8. Executive Housekeepers
  9. Housemen
  10. Cooks