The FVR Philosophy : Service Above All

FVR Consulting was founded on the belief that the greatest purpose in life is to serve others. We are dedicated to this service — to creating a better quality of life for both our clients and service providers. We strive to find that ideal fit between the prospective employer and employee, and to foster mutual understanding, respect and a lasting relationship between them.

Martin Luther King once said that greatness is determined by service. This ideology is at the core of everything we do. FVR Consulting was founded on the premise of life in the service of others and we embrace this at every level. We have the needs of our clients at the forefront, but we also continually foster and promote the talent and skills of prospective candidates. In so doing, we hope to better serve the community at large.

In keeping with our goal to give back to the community which we so proudly serve, 10% of our fee will be given to charities.